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"What quarrelsome creatures these humans are"

The Kings and Queens of Narnia were human.

Human Beings were the one sentient inhabitant of the World of Earth. They had two arms, two legs, a chest and a head, and they stood erect. Humans made their way into the World of Narnia as early as its creation; however, they were not native to that world. King Frank I and Queen Helen were the first king and queen in Narnia and, due to their background in Christianity, it became the Narnian custom to call a male human a Son of Adam, and a female human a Daughter of Eve.

The monarchs of the Kingdom of Narnia and Archenland were always human, with the sole exception of Jadis, who was half-jinn and half-giant, despite her humanoid appearance. Certain other Narnian species (notably Black Dwarfs) often voiced the opinion that humans should not be considered the rightful rulers of Narnia since they were not native to the World of Narnia. However, as Trufflehunter said,

"Narnia was never right except when a Son of Adam was King...It's not Men's country, but it's a country for a man to be King of."

Most of the known humans to enter into Narnia were from England. One exception is the Telmarines's ancestors, who were pirates. They entered Narnia accidentally through one of the chasms between Narnia and Earth, which had been plentiful in the past, but were then dwindling. The Calormenes may have originally entered the world of Narnia from Earth by some similar means, though according to tradition they were descendants of Archenland criminals.

List of Humans

People who had travelled between Earth and Narnia

These humans had travelled between Earth and Narnia at least once. Helen, Frank and the Pevensies went on to become Kings and Queens of Narnia.

From Earth


Narnian Kings

See also: Queen Helen, Frank I and the Pevensies, who had travelled from Earth. For several centuries, Narnia was ruled by a series of Telmarine Kings.




Telmarine Kings