House of Archenland
Country of Origin Archenland
Parent House House of Frank
Founder Col
Final Ruler unknown
Founding Year 180
Deposition 2555
Species Human
Cadet Branches House of Corin Thunderfist

The House of Archenland was the dynasty of kings who reigned over Archenland, a country to the south of Narnia and closely allied with that kingdom.


It seems that the title "King of Archenland" was held as an honorific by the king's eldest brother since the time of Frank II of Narnia. However, the kingdom was not actually founded until N.Y. 180. In that year, Prince Col, younger son of Frank V, led a band of faithful Narnians over the Southern Mountains and founded the new Kingdom. In the year 407, King Olvin defeated the Giant Pire and married the Lady Liln.

Second Millennium

Heralds bearing the Royal Arms of Archenland

Archenland was never conquered by the White Witch and the line of Frank continued to rule in the kingdom. The son of King Lune, Prince Cor made an alliance with the House of Kidrash, a cadet branch of the Imperial House of Calormen, by marrying one of the elder Kidrash's great granddaughters, Aravis. The Dynasty experienced great wealth and prosperity during his reign and that of his son Ram the Great. The Dynastic Seat was at Anvard at this time.

Third Millennium

When the Telmarines conquered Narnia at the end of the second millennium, Archenland was spared. It became a refuge for Narnians escaping Telmarine persecution. King Nain was a notable ally to Old Narnians.

List of Kings

The known kings of Archenland were:

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