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The Hermit of the Southern March was a very old man who lived on the Southern Border of Archenland.


He was an old man with a beard coming to his knees, leaning on a straight staff. He was always barefoot, which allowed him to walk around very quietly, and dressed in a robe coloured like autumn leaves.


Born in the year 905, during the reign of the White Witch, he was 109 years old when Aravis came to him for help.

The Hermit took care of Aravis and the horses, Hwin and Bree, after they were chased by Aslan to his door. He was a kind and wise old man, with the rather unusual power of foresight.

There was a pool on the lawn by his hut, in which he saw many of the goings-ons from Telmar, to the shippings of the islands in the Bight of Calormen, and from the southern cities of Calormen to the castles of the far northern Giants. He used his pool to see the Battle of Anvard, and relayed what had happened to Aravis and the horses.

He generally seemed to hold a contented belief in the goodness of Providence, and most certainly did not believe in luck.

His actual name is unknown.