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Harfang was the castle of the Gentle Giants of the far north, and close to the northern border of the Wild Lands of the North.

It was located on a hill of the same name, and just north of the Ruined City of the Giants, a remnant of the long gone Giant Empire.

The castle was ruled by a giant king and queen, and housed many giants and dogs.


Harfang was built more like a great house than a fortification, and stood on a high crag. There were many windows and doors at ground level, which would have made the hall vulnerable to attack had it not been situated atop high ground.

Harfang, as portrayed in the BBC series "The Silver Chair."

The rooms were notably of giant proportion in order to accommodate their large occupants. (Jill's room was about the size of a church.)

The castle was surrounded by the large ruins of an ancient giant's city, easily visible from its many windows.

Autumn Feast

The giants of Harfang regularly consumed Narnians, including Humans and Talking beasts. Humans in particular formed a traditional part of the Autumn Feast as Man Pie, and were served between the fish and the meat.

"MAN: This elegant little biped has long been valued as a delicacy. It forms a traditional part of the Autumn Feast, and is served between the fish and the joint."
―Excerpt from giants' cookbook[src]

Puddleglum and the children explore the kitchen in the BBC series.

Eustace, Jill, and Puddleglum arrived at Harfang one day before the feast and were shown hospitality by the King and Queen, who intended to kill and eat them the next night. Puddleglum and the children narrowly escaped the castle the following afternoon, having uncovered the giant's plot during their explorations.


  • "Harfang" is the French word for a snowy owl, and means "hare-catcher" in Swedish.
  • Haddon Hall, Derbyshire, United Kingdom was the set for Harfang's interior scenes in the BBC film adaptation of "The Silver Chair."