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Harfang was the castle of the Gentle Giants, of the far north, and close to the northern border of the Wild Lands of the North. It was located on a hill of the same name, and just north of the Ruined City of the Giants, and possibly a remnant of the long gone Giant Empire.

It looked more like a great house than a fortification, was stood on a high crag (steep rugged rock), and was ruled by a giant king and queen. It housed many giants and dogs that all went hunting, except for the cooks and some others.

Just before the Autumn Feast, it was revealed that the Giants here ate humans, as they were considered a delicacy, and a traditional dish served for the feast. They also ate Narnians as well, or whatever they were able to hunt and catch.

Harfang puddleglum jill eustace kitchen

Puddleglum, Jill and Eustace, as they explore the Giant's kitchen in BBC's "The Silver Chair."