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Movie-based Information

The following information originates from the Chronicles of Narnia movies, as opposed to C. S. Lewis' chronicles.

Lord Gregoire was a Telmarine Lord who served as a Marshal of the Lists for Miraz, alongside his cousins Lord Sopespian and General Glozelle. He plotted against Miraz with the two, but he met his death after Miraz's murder.

Gregoire with Miraz and his cousins at the duel.

He charged at Peter, only to get his legs sliced out from under him, and then his throat cut.

In the Prince Caspian game, he is the second to last you have to fight in The Battlefield of Beruna. The player must kill twenty-four archers, and then defeat his guard, while he is attacking. He must then be injured after certain attacks.


  • David Bowles played Lord Gregoire in the Disney film version of Prince Caspian.
  • Gregoire only used his sword in half a scene.
  • He is never called by his name in the movie, and only once was he called 'Lord'.
  • Instead of Peter cutting off Sopespian's head and legs in the book, Gregoire was put in his place for the movie. Sopespian was instead given Glozelle's major book role.
  • The entire battle against Peter is shown after defeating him in the game.