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The Governor of the Lone Islands was an office created by King Gale of Narnia in NY 302 for the Lone Islands. This office then continued for some two thousand years until abolished by King Caspian X in NY 2306.

Titles and Styles

The Governor of the Lone Islands was known as His Sufficiency and was addressed as 'My Lord'.


The tribute due from the islands to the Narnian king was the responsibility of the Governor. The laws of Narnia stated that if the tribute was not paid, the governor would personally assume responsibility for the debt.

Government of Gumpas

Late in the twenty-third or early in the twenty-fourth century, Gumpas became the last governor of the islands. The government under Gumpas dealt copiously in slaves with the Calormene Empire. Burgeoning bureaucracy hampered any attempt at reform; although some, notably Lord Bern, constantly petitioned for an end to the slave trade. Gumpas also created an administrative system so convoluted with legal documents, complicated processes, and apathetic staff that it was difficult to get anything done.

When Caspian X visited the islands in NY 2306, he removed Gumpas as governor, and brought an end to the office. He established a Dukedom, with Lord Bern as the first Duke.