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"Look here, this is all very well, but suppose all you gentlemen stop playacting and we do a little business. The question before us really is--"
"The question is, whether you and the rest of the rabble will leave without a flogging or with one. You may choose which you prefer.
―The Secretary and Lord Bern (Chapter 4) [src]

The Secretary was one of the personal assistants and advisers to Governor Gumpas on the Lone Islands. When Caspian X and Lord Bern arrived at the governor's office, on Narrowhaven, announcing their intentions, his first reaction was disbelief.

Because of his disbelief that they were who they claimed to be, he just wanted them to leave so that the rest of Gumpas's council could continue with their business.


The Secretary is very practical. Although there is no record of *him* outside of this quote, he is clearly typical of Gumpas's advisers in this regard.



There is no direct record of the secretary's gender. It is, however, exceedingly unlikely that the Lord Bern would threaten a woman, as he threatened the secretary; thus it can be reasonably assumed that the secretary was male.