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Golg was a male gnome who was enslaved by the Lady of the Green Kirtle during Prince Rilian's imprisonment in Underland.

Physical Appearance

The gnomes of Bism were incredibly varied in stature and appearance, but Golg was one of the shortest, only about three feet tall. He had a ridge on the top of his head, and his eyes were small and pink. His mouth and chin were very large and round, so that his face resembled that of a pigmy hippopotamus.


Golg, along with all of the other gnomes from Bism, was taken from his homeland by the Lady of the Green Kirtle sometime before 2345 NY. She had enchanted him and the others so that they could not remember Bism, or think anything except the dull, gloomy thoughts she put into their heads. After Rilian killed the witch, all of her spells were ended, so two things happened at once: Underland--which she had held together with magic--began to collapse, and the gnomes regained their memories. Golg, however, like his fellows, did not know that the witch had been killed, so he and the others ran toward Bism in short, secretive rushes, preparing for battle against the witch. When Rilian, Jill Pole, Eustace Scrubb, and Puddleglum came out of the witch's castle, Golg thought that she had sent them to reclaim her slaves. Shortly thereafter, Puddleglum snuck away from the prince to grab the terrified gnome for questioning. Upon hearing that the witch was dead and the prince a friend, Golg--relieved-- told the travelers the story of his enchantment and recent recovery. He also told them about Bism and showed them the way to the diggings where the witch had intended to lead her army into Overland. However, he refused to go with them down the road, repulsed by the idea of going nearer the outside where people "crawl about like flies on the top of the world." He invited the prince and his companions to visit Bism and told them of the living, growing gems and the witty Salamanders who lived in the fire river. Rilian was tempted, but Puddleglum reminded him of his duty to his dying father, and the company departed as Golg rushed toward the closing rift between Underland and his homeland. It can be assumed that Golg and his countrymen made it safely home and lived the rest of their lives in peace.