The cover of "The Silver Chair" showing Eustace surrounded by a band of Earthman

Gnomes were the generally small, sentient, underground inhabitants of the Narnian realm, specifically native to Bism. Their humanoid appearances and earthen habitats earned them the nickname Earthmen. They ranged in height from one to seven feet tall and had a variety of facial types. Their appearances varied enormously; some had long noses and others had horns growing from their foreheads. Under the spell of the Queen of Underland, the Lady of the Green Kirtle, they dug a tunnel to within a few feet of the world's surface through which the Queen intended to conquer the Overworld. They called Underland the "Shallow Lands" because their homeland in Bism was even deeper inside the earth.

The Gnomes freed.

The Earthmen discovered by Jill Pole, Eustace Scrubb, and Puddleglum were very solemn and robotic in personality, though this was found to be due to the spell placed on them by the Lady of the Green Kirtle. When she was killed and the enchantment was lifted during the Fall of Underland, they reverted to their natural happy selves and celebrated joyously, returning to Bism with their Salamander companions.

Many have innate warrior instincts. One of the most notable Earthmen was Golg, whom Puddleglum captured after the demise of the Witch Queen but who later helped Rilian and his rescuers escape.

Notable Gnomes (Earthmen)


  • In the BBC adaption, earthmen were portrayed to be bluish-green skinned with no horns on top of their foreheads.


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