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Movie-based Information

The following information originates from the Chronicles of Narnia movies, as opposed to C. S. Lewis' chronicles.

Glenstorm and his sons

Glenstorm's sons, who were named Ironhoof, Suncloud and Rainstone, were the three Centaurs born of Glenstorm and Windmane.

They were Old Narnians, and members of the Narnian Revolution, who grew up in the Shuddering Wood, living in hiding with their father and mother.

Rainstone at the Night Raid.

All three of them were brave and noble Centaurs, loyal to their monarchs, and devoted Narnians.


But the bravest one out of all of them was most likely Rainstone, who was trapped in the Telmarine castle during the night raid and did not survive.

Despite his eminent death, Rainstone kept yelling at everyone to run and save themselves.

Ironhoof and Suncloud appeared in the last battle, as they fought alongside their father.

In the coronation, they are seen with Windmane and Glenstorm celebrating.


In the film, the three sons have dark brown dreadlocks and dark skin, like their father. (They were not described in the book.)


  • In the books, none of Glenstorm's sons were killed. There was also no mention of their mother.
  • Although Rainstone did die during the Raid, in the film, he was seen in the crowd when the Pevensies returned home. This was a blooper made by the movie crew, as they were adding more Narnians to the crowd.