Movie-based Information

The following information originates from the Chronicles of Narnia movies, as opposed to C. S. Lewis' chronicles.

Name Ghoul
Dominions Narnia
Height between 3' to 5 feet
Skin Color pale, white
Hair Color black
Distinctions goblin-like appearance, slit-nostrils, long skeletal arms

Ghouls were a race of monstrous creatures that dwelled around the world of Narnia. They lived in the land of Calormen (which borders Archenland) as well as Narnia, where they were known to live among graves, such as the Tombs of the Ancient Kings. Living at that spot, these desert-dwelling humanoids dwelt in burial grounds of the Tombs, and they fed on dead corpses for either breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It's quite unknown if the Ghouls in the Tombs made friends with the Jackals that also lived there.


Ghouls first appeared in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, where they gathered as followers to the White Witch, when the Hundred-Year Winter ended. Ghouls were present around the Stone Table where they watched the mighty lion, Aslan, sacrifice himself to the witch. Ghouls later fought in the First Battle of Beruna where they were part of the White Witch's Army against Aslan's Army.

Movie Portrayal


In the 2005 film of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, they are portrayed as pale goblin-like creatures, with slit-nostrils, and long, skeletal arms and legs, and are sometimes confused with Goblins and boggles.

Game Preview

In the video game, when the Hundred-Year Winter was ending, and the ice was all melting, Ghouls were seen as being able to breathe underwater, and thus jumped out of the ice to attack the Pevensies.

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