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The following information originates from the Chronicles of Narnia movies, as opposed to C. S. Lewis' chronicles.

"Yes, well, I prefer to be left alone."
"Me, too.
Susan and Geeky Boy [src]

The Geeky Boy was a student at Hendon House Boarding School in 1941.

He was a schoolmate of Peter and Edmund Pevensie, and an admirer of their sister Susan, whom he had frequently spotted sitting by herself.


The Geeky Boy was first seen in London, in early September 1941, when all the children were gathering at the train tubes, preparing to return to school. He was outside, where Susan was at a newspaper stall, reading something, and nervously approached her.

He recognized her uniform as that of Saint Finbar's Boarding School, and introduced himself as going to Hendon House, the school across from hers. He also remarked how he had seen her sitting by herself, to which she replied that she preferred to be left alone.

She clearly meant this remark as a way to say she was not interested in conversation, but the boy, not taking the hint, continued to speak, saying how he preferred to be left alone as well. He then attempted to ask her name, but she lied, saying it was Phyllis, only for Lucy to suddenly turn up, calling her true name, and asking her to come quickly.

After the two of them left, the boy followed them shortly after to the tubes, where Peter and Edmund were in the middle of a fight with several other boys.

After the fight ended, and the four Pevensies were talking, Susan noticed the boy walking up to them, and told her siblings to pretend to be talking to her, even though they already were.

"Pretend you're talking to me."
"We are talking to you.
―Susan and Edmund. [src]

Right after that, they were suddenly pulled back into Narnia.

Some time later, when they were eventually returned to Earth, just moments after they had left, the boy was seen again boarding the train with them.

He got on the train first, and when he noticed the Pevensies (who had only just returned, and were a bit disorientated) hadn't got on yet, he asked Susan: -

"Aren't you coming, Phyllis?"
―Geeky Boy [src]

Whether he still believed that was her real name, or if he was just joking, is unknown.


  • The Geeky Boy appears only in the 2008 Disney/Walden film version of Prince Caspian, and was played by the actor, Ash Jones.
  • The character title, "Geeky Boy", comes from the credits of the film.