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Not to be confused with King Gale.

Movie-based Information

The following information originates from the Chronicles of Narnia movies, as opposed to C. S. Lewis' chronicles.

Gael is a native girl of the Lone Islands. She is the daughter of Rhince, a sailor who joined the crew of the Dawn Treader, and his wife Helaine.


She evidently grew up in the lower classes of Narrowhaven with her parents and aunt. When she was about ten, her mother was kidnapped by slavers. Gael and her father chased after her, but were unable to save her before she was taken away and sacrificed to the Green Mist.

Gael and her mother Helaine.

After the Battle of Narrowhaven, her father immediately joined the crew of the royal flagship Dawn Treader to find her.

Gael also smuggled herself on board the ship, but was found a few days later. She was, however, permitted to join the crew without punishment.

Afterwards, she was given a bunk with Queen Lucy, whom she quickly grew to admire and respect. The two developed a sisterly relationship as they traveled on to the east, visiting a magician and his servants, surviving a hurricane, and weathering the attack of a dragon in the search for the mystical Blue Star that would lead them to Gael's mother.

Gael and Lucy on Dragon Island.

The dragon was discovered to be none other than Eustace transformed, and Gael and some of the crew stayed on land with him. At one point, while she and Lucy talked, she told Lucy that she wanted to be just like her when she grew up, unknowingly echoing Lucy's earlier desire to be more like her elder sister Susan. Lucy answered her by sharing the lesson she had learned on the voyage; that a person should grow up to be like themselves.

Early in the morning of the day after, Gael was the first to spot the Blue Star. The crew followed it to the island of Ramandu, where they received instructions from Lilliandil.

Traveling on, they ventured to Dark Island. There, the ship was attacked by the Green Mist, and then by a Sea Serpent.

During the long fight against the monster, Gael was several times rescued from danger by Lucy, who sent her to their cabin and bade her to hide there.

After the fight, the hostages of the Mist and Dark Island were freed, and Gael and Rhince were reunited with Helaine. When they saw her, after the Mist cleared away, they both leaped into the sea, and swam out to her.

It can be assumed that after being reunited with her mother, the three of them including her father all returned to Narrowhaven where they lived out their lives.


  • Gael is not in any of the books, and thus is only canon to the movies' continuity. She is a character created by the filmmakers and portrayed by Arabella Morton.

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