The Fords of Beruna were a location in the Kingdom of Narnia where the Great River of Narnia was met by the River Rush.

It was the site of two significant battles. The first was the epic battle fought between the White Witch's Army and Aslan's Army (commanded by Peter Pevensie, and later by Aslan himself), which brought the final end to the Winter Revolution.

In the time of Caspian X, the town of Beruna was at the northern shore, where the First Battle of Beruna had been fought.

Sometime after the Pevensies left Narnia, the Telmarine Dynasty built a bridge there, causing it to be renamed "The Bridge of Beruna."

In doing so, they imprisoned the River God, but he was freed by Aslan, who destroyed the bridge, turning it once more into the Fords of Beruna.

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