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The False Aslan affair (Narnian-year 2555) was a major conspiracy, masterminded by Shift the Ape, that became a national crisis in the Kingdom of Narnia, leaving the country greatly unprepared for a surprise invasion by the Calormene forces.


The idea of impersonating Aslan was concocted by the ape Shift, when he, along with the donkey Puzzle, saw the skin of a wild, dumb lion (probably killed by a hunter) fall down the Great Waterfall, from the Western Wild region and into the Caldron Pool. Shift, being the smarter one, persuaded Puzzle to dive into Caldron Pool and retrieve the lion skin from the pool. Shift then sewed the skin into a coat for Puzzle, lying that it would be a winter coat. Shift then dressed Puzzle in the lionskin and used this false Aslan as a puppet, persuading the other Narnians to do his orders. Shift began using his position as "Aslan's" spokesperson to gain position and power in the crumbling world of Narnia.

The Consequences

The Calormene Empire took full advantage of this time which the Narnians call their second "dark age". They invaded Narnia with the help of the ape Shift. Soon, Narnian trees were being cut down, thus killing many of the Dryads. One came running to King Tirian for help, but died right away, due to the fact that her tree was felled. All this began with the ape Shift desiring control over Narnia's population, which was weakened by many years without Aslan.


As the Empire was weakened by the False Aslan Affair, the Calormene Conquest was launched. All this eventually leads up to Aslan destroying Narnia to bring its inhabitants to a better place, Aslan's Country.


  • Shift, the ape mastermind
  • The Tisroc, leader of the Calormenes and co-conspirator
  • Puzzle, the unwitting accomplice, dressed up as the "False" Aslan
  • Rishda Tarkaan, a relative of the unnamed Tisroc who was helping him take over Narnia.


  • Lewis' creation of this plot-line may have been inspired by the Aesop's fable, in which a donkey dresses up in a lion skin.
  • Also, it may also be inspired by part of the biblical book of Revelation when it mentions a false prophet.

False Aslan affair
Narnian year: 2555
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