Fairies were magical beings with powers of unknown extent. They were popular characters of Earth folklore, though few people on Earth believed they actually existed.

Popular Lore

Lore often portrayed Fairies as tiny specks of light with the ability to change their appearance. A common superstitious belief in the Middle Ages said that Fairies would sometimes secretly replace a human child with one of their own so that it could be nourished by a human mother.

Known History

Little is known about the true history of Fairies, but it can be assumed that at least a portion of the Fairy population possessed natural, or transformed into, human form, and bore hybrid children. There is no record of any male Fairies, although they may have existed.

By the 1850s, only three humans with Fairy blood remained in England:

Nothing else is known about the history of Fairies on Earth, and there is no record of any Fairies in Narnia, if any existed.


  • Fairies are mentioned in The Magician's Nephew.
  • William Shakespeare wrote a play about Fairies in A Midsummer Night's Dream.
  • Fairies are also known as The Fair Folk, The Wee Folk, The Fae, Dark Elves, Changelings, and Oberon's Children.


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