"The giants mainly live along the side of that gorge. You might say the gorge was like a street to them."

The Ettinsmoor Gorge was a large canyon that ran through Ettinsmoor. Traveling north, one was able to enter the gorge by way of a shallow stream that ran from the moor. The rocky walls of the gorge were quite steep and uneven.

During the Quest to Find Rilian

Ettinsmoor gorge

The giants at Ettinsmoor Gorge

As Eustace Scrubb, Jill Pole and Puddleglum the Marsh-wiggle were traveling through Ettinsmoor, they came to a shallow, noisy stream. Looking forward, they saw where the land shot up steeply and formed a number of cliffs. This prompted Eustace to suggest that the travelers make their way through a path that led to the gorge. Puddleglum pointed out that the gorge was similar to a road for giants, meaning it would be wise for them to walk through the gorge.

Puddleglum's concern was found to be well-grounded as the three soon found that the edge of the gorge they were passing had giants near them. Fortunately for the three, the giants were not very interested in the small travelers, being more interested in their game of cock-shies.

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