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King Erlian was a king of Narnia, the sixth in descent from King Rilian, and the father of Tirian, who would be the last king of Narnia.


Erlian was a wise, kind king, who took the time to connect personally with his son, friends, and subjects. When Tirian was a little boy, he would often play with him in the castle garden at Cair Paravel on summer evenings. He also gave Jewel, a unicorn and a great friend of his son, many apples when he was a colt.


Erlian was injured in battle with a giant some time before 2555 NY and eventually died of his wounds, leaving the throne to his son Tirian.

After Aslan ended the Narnian World, Tirian and his father were reunited in Aslan's Country, where he appeared as a young, merry king, although he, like everyone else in Aslan's Country, had no particular age.

House of Telmar Renewed
Preceded by King of Narnia Succeeded by
unknown, eventually Rilian fl. 2534 Tirian