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Emeth was the seventh son of Harpha Tarkaan of the city of Tehishbaan, within the Calormene empire. He was a righteous man and a devoted worshipper of Tash, and thus was brought up to hate the name of Aslan, whom the Calormenes see as a demon.

Eager for battle against the Narnians, he entered Narnia with the Calormene invasion force disguised as a merchant. His initial enthusiasm faded due to his shame at this behaviour, seeing no honour in such trickery. He was further disillusioned when asked to wait on the ape Shift who proclaimed that Tash and Aslan were one and the same, and on finding that their leader Rishda Tarkaan did not himself believe in Tash.

On Stable Hill, Shift offered all the chance to see "Tashlan" for themselves in the stable. Ginger the talking cat volunteered. When the cat flew in terror from the stable, Emeth was convinced that Tash himself indeed had come to avenge the blasphemy against himself. Thus he resolved, despite his own fear, to enter the stable and to look upon Tash, even if it meant his death. He stepped forward and went into the stable, but instead of finding Tash there he instead found a Calormene soldier. Disgusted at such a mockery, he killed the soldier and threw him out of the door.

When Emeth looked up he found he was no longer in the stable, but in a strange but pleasant land. Thinking that he had come to Tash's country he began to journey through it to find him. But instead of finding Tash, he encountered Aslan, who welcomed him and addressed him as a son. Emeth was confused by this, telling Aslan that he must surely be mistaken, as he was a son of Tash. Aslan explained to him that as he had lived his life uprightly and so;

"I take to me the services which thou hast done to Tash. For I and he are of such different kinds that no service which is vile can be done to me, and none which is not vile can be done to him."
Aslan, talking to Emeth[src]

Emeth had not entered Tash's country, but Aslan's Country.


  • Emeth is often cited, along with Aravis, as an argument against the common view that Lewis was a racist.
  • The word 'emeth' is Hebrew for 'truth'.
  • Emeth's position as a seventh son may be a reference to Irish mythology, in which the seventh son of the seventh son is supposed to have strong magic and to be blessed.