Duffle was a red dwarf who lived in the reign of Shasta in The Horse and His Boy. He happens to be very kind and pleasant to anyone he meets for the first time. He was first seen where he arrived with a stag named Chervy to meet Shasta. Duffle was surprised that Aslan was alive and he would want to travel to Anvard and stop Prince Rabadash and the Calormene army. Duffle then took Shasta to his home where he could give the young traveler some breakfast. When they were at the house, Duffle introduces Shasta to two other dwarfs named Rogin and Bricklethumb who are Duffle's brothers that helped gather all the food for the hungry traveler. Duffle then shows Shasta the lie of the land of Narnia during the meal. Later, after Duffle and his brothers hear trumpets, they head outside where they see the Kings and Queens of Narnia with many Narnians and Archenlanders, just as they reached their cottage. The three brothers began to do low bows to Kings and Queens and later joined the army where they fight Prince Rabadash and the Calormene army.