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The Duel at Aslan's How, was the duel between Narnia's High King Peter and the Telmarine's King Miraz. The duel came about from the conflict between the Narnians and the Telmarines, who had invaded Narnia soon after the Narnian Kings and Queens had disappeared.

Prince Caspian was on the run from his uncle Miraz, who wanted his crown, so he sided with the Old Narnians, to fight back and reclaim his throne, and return to the Narnians their land. He used Queen Susan's Horn to summon the Pevensies back to Narnia.

Edmund delivers the challenge.

To avoid as much bloodshed as possible, a challenge was delivered through King Edmund to the newly crowned King Miraz, who accepted, though it was done so by appealing to his arrogance and pride.

The Marshal of the Lists for the duel were Glenstorm, Wimbleweather, and the eldest of the Bulgy Bears for the Narnians; Glozelle, Sospesian and Gregoire for the Telmarines. It was arranged for the duel to be fought at an equal distance from the Telmarine camp and Aslan's How.

Miraz at the begining of the duel.

The duel began when King Peter and King Miraz entered from opposite ends, and after bowing and saying something to each other, Peter beat Miraz a whole pace and a half back.

The Crowds had shouted, as Miraz began using his height and weight to his advantage, and sprained Peter's arm by throwing his weight on Peter's Shield. They then circled each other, testing each other's defenses, and it was then that Peter struck first blood when he cut Miraz on the outside of his thigh. The two of them then agreed to a small respite, and Peter had his arm tended to.

King Miraz near the end of the duel.

The two then returned to the duel, and this time Peter made good use of his feet, keeping out of range of Miraz's sword, shifting his ground, and making Miraz work. Miraz then got a blow on Peter's helmet, making him fall to one knee, but just as Miraz was about to finish him off, Peter grabbed Miraz's arm as it was coming down, forcing Miraz's blade to glance down his right shoulder.

Peter and Miraz then started fighting again, this time each giving their full strength, but then Miraz slipped on a tussock and fell.

While he was down, Sospesian and Glozelle came in saying that Peter had killed their king, convincing the Telmarines to charge the Narnians. While they did this, Glozelle then stabbed Miraz, killing him for real.

Aslan-PC.JPG 'Well done, son of Adam. For this fruit you have hungered and thirsted and wept.'

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