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Eustace Scrubb as a dragon.

"The thing that came out of the cave was something he had never even imagined."
―Chapter 6 [src]

Dragons are reptilian, winged creatures that can be found in various places around the world of Narnia, which included Dragon Island. They also once inhabited Charn, as they were mentioned by Jadis.


In The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, dragons were described as having long, lithe bodies that trail on the ground, with skin like chain-mail, long lead-coloured snouts, dull red eyes (though in the film, Eustace's were blue), no feathers or fur, legs with elbows that go up higher than its back like a spiders', cruel claws, giant bat's wings, and tails that were yards long.

With the wings, they can obviously fly, and they are also known to breathe fire.

Dragons are known to be incredibly greedy, as they are forever hoarding loads of treasure for themselves.


Dragon breathing fire.

After King Gale delivered the Lone Islands from a dragon, he was made Emperor by the island's grateful inhabitants. It was only after this that all subsequent rulers of Narnia were referred to as "Emperor" or "Empress" of the Lone Islands.

When Edmund Pevensie first entered the courtyard of the White Witch's Castle, he saw a long, lithe creature that he thought was a dragon turned to stone. A different dragon appeared during the First Battle of Beruna, likely fighting in the White Witch's army as it had a Squirrel grasped in its claws.

While on Dragon Island, Eustace Scrubb watched a dragon die, tried on a piece of gold from its treasure, which had once belonged to the lost Lord Octesian, and then spent a night in its cave. When he awoke, he had discovered that he had been turned into a dragon himself. This event changed Eustace's life, but Aslan soon changed him back into a Human.

Dragons, along with Salamanders, inhabited Bism, the land of the Earthmen, where they had been sleeping for centuries. Eustace, Jill and Puddleglum saw them while they were on their way to see the Lady of the Green Kirtle.

At the end of Narnia, those Dragons aided in the destruction of the world by tearing up all of the trees, before growing old and dying, their flesh rotting away, leaving behind only their skeletons. However, several Dragons were loyal to Aslan.

Behind the Scenes

  • There is no mention of dragons appearing in The Magician's Nephew at the creation of Narnia, so it is vaguely possible that Lewis meant that all Narnian dragons were, like Eustace and (maybe) Octesian, originally humans who were turned into dragons because of their selfish and greedy ways.
  • In the year of 302, Aslan turned all the Calormenes in Telmar into dumb beasts because of their wickedness. Not long after dragons started appearing, including the one that once terrorised the Lone Islands. With that in mind, it's possible Aslan may have turned the Calormenes into dragons.