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Dogs are a member of the genus Canis, which forms part of the wolf-like canids, and is the most widely abundant terrestrial carnivore.  They are also one of the many talking beasts in the land of Narnia


They are known to be honest, humble, and rather stubborn creatures, and are also extraordinarily good at tracking scents, extremely loyal, and sometimes a little too enthusiastic to help even where help might not have been needed. But no one can question their vivacity.

Dogs come in various breeds, colours and sizes.


Some dogs were among the animals brought up from the Earth by Aslan at the birth of Narnia.

Dogs were seen in Aslan's Army during the war with the White Witch, while Human-Faced Dogs fight on the White Witch's Army, fighting the regular faced dogs. Some were shown as stone prisoners in the White Witch's Castle, until they were freed by Aslan. A sheepdog helped the reinforcements get to where the First Battle of Beruna was occurring.

Dog in Aslan's camp.

They were part of the Narnian army who fought during the Battle of Anvard, helping their allies in Archenland against the Calormene Army.

Dogs were among those who swore their loyalty to Caspian X when he came to the Old Narnians, and fought during the Second Battle of Beruna.

When Narnia was nearing the end of its days, some dogs helped Tirian and his allies fight in the Battle of Stable Hill. Three were killed while one was wounded.

Other Species of Canines

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