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Movie-based Information

The following information originates from the Chronicles of Narnia movies, as opposed to C. S. Lewis' chronicles.

Diomedus is a white furred Minotaur who fought for the Old Narnians during the Narnian Revolution. He is only featured in the film and game, and is named though an action figure. He wears very little armour, and fights with a battle-mace in the game and film. His two horns turn down at the tips.

Nothing much is known of what he did in the film, but he was part of the Telmarine Castle Night Raid, as there is a shot of him fighting in the courtyard. You can also see him in the background, at Aslan's How, when the Pevensies first arrive there, and he's helping the other Narnians inside, arranging the weapons and such.


Diomedus as he appears in the game.

In The Game

Diomedus is a playable character in Prince Caspian the Game. He has two parts; he is the main playable character on the Cair Paravel level, and in the last level a minor playable hero. His fighting is the same on both levels, as is his personality for both Narnia and Telmar.

He has only three spoken lines in the game; In the Cair Paravel level he tells the Faun, "They're coming up the cliffs!" and, "How, there's no way up?".

Also in the last level, after you complete the 'Rescue Caspian and Glenstorm' chapter, he pushes Caspian away from the battle while saying, "Get back to the How, they need you there!".

His fate is unknown, although it is likely he survives.