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Professor Kirke's house.

Professor Digory Kirke's House, sometimes informally called the Old Professor's House, was the mansion in the countryside where the young Pevensie children went to live during the World War II air raids.

It was ten miles from the closest train station and two miles from the nearest post office.

Professor Kirke lived alone, except for Mrs. Macready, his house keeper, and the three servants Ivy, Margaret and Betty.

The house had many long passageways and several empty rooms. In addition, one of the rooms held the mysterious Wardrobe, from where Lucy Pevensie found the way into Narnia.

Sometime between 1940 and 1942, Professor Kirke lost much of his wealth and had to move out of the house. Either at the time he moved out or at some other time prior to 1949, the house was destroyed.