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Caspian IX's Queen was the Queen of Narnia in the 23rd century. She was also the mother of King Caspian X, also called Caspian the Seafarer.


She was likely a Telmarine noblewoman before she married and became queen, but this is not known for certain. It is unknown whether she married Caspian IX before or after he was crowned. At some point around 2290 she gave birth to Prince Caspian, later Caspian X. In the same year, her husband was murdered by his brother Miraz in a plot to seize the throne. Shortly thereafter, the Queen also died, either of natural causes or in an "accident" arranged by Miraz.

Little is known about the queen's character, except that she was the only Telmarine besides her son who was ever kind to Doctor Cornelius despite his dwarvish ancestry.