King Caspian IX was a Telmarine, who was the King of Narnia in the 23rd century N.Y.


Son of King Caspian VIII, he succeeded his father sometime in the late 23rd century.

He married and had a son, also named Caspian, who later became Caspian X the Navigator.

He was a firm believer in the old Narnia ways, but never got the chance to meet them.

Some time after becoming king, he was murdered by his own brother, Miraz, who then took the title of Lord Protector until the death of Caspian's wife. After her death, he staged a political coup, arranging the deaths or banishments of any of the nobility still loyal to Caspian X. He then had himself installed as king.

Caspian X took back his father's throne after the Narnian Revolution.


  • Caspian IX is only mentioned in the books, but he does appear in the 2010 Fox/Walden film, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. He is played by Nathaniel Parker.
  • In Prince Caspian, Lord Glozelle states that it was himself and Lord Sopespian who actually got Miraz his place as king.
Caspian IX
House of Telmar
Preceded by King of Narnia Succeeded by
Caspian VIII2288–2290Miraz
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