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"Didn't I stand up to Carter about the rabbit?"
Eustace Scrubb to Jill Pole[src]

Carter was a student at the Experiment House school, where Eustace also attended. He was also a member of The Gang; a group of students there who used to bully their fellow pupils, including Eustace Scrubb and Jill Pole.

He was never punished by the Head-teacher for his bullying and disgraceful behaviour because the Head believed that children should be allowed to do what they wanted, and thought he and his gang were 'interesting' psychological cases.

Apparently, he was also cruel towards animals, as he presumably tormented a rabbit, which Eustace stood up to him about.

Right after Aslan sent Eustace and Jill back home, together with Caspian X, after their journey in Narnia, the trio came through the door that Aslan made for them and scared the gang all away.

Carter and his gang were presumably later expelled from Experiment House.