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Calormene Conquest
Narnian year: 2555
Previous Conflict: False Aslan Affair
Next Conflict: none, last major conflict in Narnia

"So Narnia is no more. "
―King Tirian, upon learning of the Cair Paravel Massacre.[src]

The Calormene Conquest of the nation Narnia was the final conflict to occur in the World of Narnia, in the Narnian-year 2555, ending at the famous Battle of Stable Hill.

The planning of the conquest was, perhaps, the greatest conspiracy in Narnian history. While a "False Aslan" roamed the countryside, a lone ape, Shift, was plotting with Rishda Tarkaan, a relative of the unnamed Calormene Tisroc at the time, to capture Narnia for the Calormene Empire, to enslave its peoples and to exploit its natural resources. Rumours of Aslan's presence pulled Narnia's King Tirian away from his castle at Cair Paravel in the hope of meeting him.

Whilst not narrated at any length in the book, it can be assumed that Shift communicated with the Tisroc's minions throughout the False Aslan Affair, ultimately leading to the fall of the Narnian capital in the Cair Paravel Massacre, with Tirian away from his castle. Again, the details are unknown. Whether the royal Army of Narnia was even warned in advance to defend the castle, or whether there was a spirited defence is not told, but distant rumour suggests it was a complete surprise attack on the capital which had already been weakened and distracted due to the False Aslan Affair.

Upon hearing news of the massacre, King Tirian painfully announced that Narnia was no more, and with a small number of troops continued on to fight to the death in Tirian's and Jewel's "Last Stand", in which Tirian called "Narnia's Darkest Days". Just as the Calormenes were on the brink of victory, Aslan called for the world Narnia to be destroyed in the end of it.