Beruna was a red-roofed town near the Fords of Beruna within the Kingdom of Narnia, which bears its name, and became the site of two famous battles. Beruna includes a market-place, walls and gates, and during the reign of the Telmarines was accompanied by a Bridge that shared it's name. Beruna was, otherwise, no more than a quaint little community.

The Bridge associated with the town of Beruna in the time of the Telmarines was named Beruna's Bridge. To the River god it was seen as a chain, and, with the permission of Aslan, Bacchus and his wild madcap girls tore down the bridge, creating the Fords of Beruna again. It stayed that way until the world ended centuries later.

When Aslan and the Narnians made their way into town, after the Second Battle of Beruna, they met many people within and beyond it: -

  • A girl in an all girls' school, which was destroyed by Aslan's roar, named Gwendolen. She remained with the Narnians.
  • Headmistress of the Girls' School, named Miss Prizzle, and her class (mostly all dumpy and prim girls with fat legs) who all ran in fear of the Narnians.
  • Several farms with animals who ran out to join them (donkeys, dogs and horses).
  • A girl who was an Arithmetic teacher, who was in school at the time with her class of several fat, spoilt boys who looked like pigs. She joined the Narnians, and the boys ran off when they saw Aslan, never to be seen again. No one knows for certain what became of them, but they were described as looking like pigs, and after they disappeared, several fine little pigs that had never been seen before appeared in the country.
  • A man who was beating a young boy, and was henceforth transformed into a tree, while the boy joined the Narnians.
  • A little girl whose aunt, who may have had dwarf blood in her and was once Caspian's old nurse, was ill and dying. The aunt was healed by Aslan and reunited with Caspian.

Beruna was possibly built by the Telmarine people after their conquest of Narnia, and was retaken by the Narnians in the year 2303.


  • In the Disney version of Prince Caspian, Beruna pledges its troops to King Miraz and is the site of the Telmarine Castle.