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Battle of Stable Hill

Conflict: Calormene Conquest
Date: 2555
Place: Stable Hill
Outcome: Draw, Aslan destroys the world of Narnia, Narnians were losing at the time of the World's End
Kingdom of Narnia Calormen
King Tirian Captain Rishda Tarkaan
Over 24 Narnians

approximately 30 Dwarfs

approximately 34 Calormenes/rebel Narnians before being reinforced by hundreds of Calormene troops.
All Narnians killed

All Dwarves captured

Many killed

The Battle of Stable Hill, commonly known as the Last Battle, was the final fight to occur in the Narnian World.

The Battle of Stable Hill took place during the Calormene Conquest after King Tirian was told by a messenger, Farsight, that his castle Cair Paravel had fallen into Calormene hands and all of Roonwit's Army and other Narnians in the Castle at that time were massacred.

Tirian and his last loyal troops soon met a number of Calormene soldiers at Stable Hill. The Mice, Moles and a Squirrel went to free the Narnian Horses, but were shot by Griffle's Archers. Fifteen dogs, a bear, a boar, Jewel, Farsight, Tirian, Eustace, Jill and several unknown Narnians fought Calormene soldiers lead by Rishda and rebel Narnians (for fear of Tash) during the battle.

Jill Pole managed to kill some Calormene Soldiers, a Bull, Wraggle the Satyr and a Wolf, while Eustace Scrubb killed Slinkey the Fox and many Calormenes.

Three Dogs and a Bear were killed by the Calormenes while Jewel the Unicorn and a Boar were killed by the Calormenes that were wielding spears while the others were killed by Calormenes with swords or bows.

As the forces battled, dwarfs attacked both sides saying that dwarfs were for the dwarfs and indiscriminately killing the Horses that joined Trinian's side and many Calormenes on Rishda's side. After taking down many soldiers of the Calormene army, Tirian and his surviving allies fled toward the stable. Trinian and Rishda had a final duel there before Tash came and took Rishda because of his sins.

The very last skirmish of the conflict is sometimes referred to as Tirian's Last Stand, as Tirian was the last good Narnian left standing before he died and Aslan brought the world to an end.

All three sides where destroyed when the world had ended; all good creatures went to Aslan's Country while the evil ones vanished into Aslan's terrible shadow to an unknown fate (it could be that Aslan sent them to Tash's domain for eternal torment, as he told Emeth that any creature in the world of Narnia that perform evil deeds are actually serving Tash). The dwarves went to the country of Aslan, but before the world's end they were thrown into the stable by Calormenes. They believed they went nowhere and were still in Narnia, so they could not see Aslan's country, only the darkness and the wood of the stable interior.