"Some of you may have forgotten, but we Badgers remember well."

Badgers were among the many creatures in Narnia, which were capable of intelligent speech. It was also believed that they were Narnia's creatures who remembered the past the best.


Narnian badgers were similar in appearance to terrestrial badgers, except that they were slightly larger.

Role in History

Shortly after the creation of Narnia by Aslan, a badger was among the creatures that caught Andrew Ketterley. While other animals thought that Andrew might be a tree, the badger did not believe so, and had the idea that he was trying to say something.

When the Pevensies arrived at Professor Kirke's House, Lucy thought that they might see some Badgers.

A badger was seen next to a boar at Aslan's camp when the children arrived.

During the Narnian Revolution, there were at least four talking badgers; Trufflehunter and the three Hardbiters, all of whom fought on the side of the Old Narnians.

The badger Trufflehunter at the Second Battle of Beruna.

Some Badgers were present, watching the Great Snow Dance, when Eustace, Jill and Puddleglum returned from the Underworld with Prince Rillian.

During the Last Days of Narnia, a Badger was among those who saw the fake Aslan, and reported it to King Tirian.

Badgers were also present when Shift claimed that Aslan and Tash were the same, and were saddened by what they heard.

Known Badgers


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