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Bacchus was a River God who is said to be the God of Wine and has several followers including Silenus and the Maenads. He is called Dionysus in Greek mythology.

Bacchus the River God of Beruna


Bacchus is the river god of Beruna, he was created by Aslan along with his Naiads and the other gods of Narnia early on, during the events of the invasion of Telmaria. Bacchus and his nymphs were trapped in a deep sleep and imprisoned by the Telmarines. when they built a bridge over the river where they lived.

When the War of Liberation started, Aslan along with the Pevensies woke him up, Bacchus begged to be released from his prison and Aslan immediately destroyed the bridge freeing him and the naiads who lived there, then he started rampaging through the city of Beruna scaring the people or help people who needed help, until almost the entire population of Beruna fled in terror at the sight of Bacchus and Aslan until finally the city of Beruna became the Fords of Beruna again.


Bacchus is described in the book as a moist humanoid figure of advanced age, full of algae and aquatic plants all over his body and a crown of reeds on his head.

In the film version he is a colossal humanoid figure made of pure water.

Powers and Abilities

As God of the River Bacchus he has great powers such as:

  • Hydrokinesis: Bacchus can control the water of the Beruna River and can launch large jets of water capable of knocking down armies.
  • Enlarge: Bacchus, being made of water, can enlarge his body at will or shrink.
  • Immortality: Being a god, Bacchus is physiologically immortal and cannot die.