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Aslan's Army in the BBC adaptation.

Aslan's Army as illustrated by the late Pauline Baynes

Illustration of Aslan's army in the book by the late Pauline Baynes.

Aslan's Army of the Kingdom of Narnia was the first known Narnian military force established by Aslan, and first led by King Peter Pevensie and commanded by King Edmund Pevensie. Aslan's Army flew flags with a bright red depiction of the Great Lion, and they triumphantly won the First Battle of Beruna, defeating the White Witch and her army.

The Army slowly declined, especially during the Dark Age, and proved unable to fight off the Telmarine invaders, after which it was completely dissolved. After the Telmarine Army, the next legitimate military body of Narnia was the Old Narnian army.

is made up of the following creatures: -

Aslan's camp in film

Aslan's Army Creatures

  1. Antelopes
  2. Badgers
  3. Bears (Black and brown ones)
  4. Beavers
  5. Birds (various species)
  6. Boars (Animated Adaptation)
  7. Black Dwarfs
  8. Bull
  9. Centaurs
  10. Cheetahs
  11. Cows
  12. Cockatrices (animated Adaption)
  13. Cats
  14. Dogs
  15. Donkeys (animated adaptation)
  16. Dryads
  17. Eagles
  18. Eagle-Headed Man (animated adaptation; One was seen as a stone prisoner of the White Witch; presumably freed by Aslan)
  19. Fauns
  20. Foxes
  21. Giants
  22. Goat
  23. Gorilla (animated adaptation)
  24. Gryphons (animated adaptation)
  25. Hares
  26. Horses
  27. Human-Headed Bulls
  28. Hedgehogs (Animated adaptation)
  29. Jaguars (animated adaptation)
  30. Leopards
  31. Lions
  32. Mice
  33. Minotaurs (animated adaptation)
  34. Moles (Animated adaptation)
  35. Moose (animated adaptation)
  36. Monsters (animated Adaption)
  37. Naiads
  38. Otters (Animated adaptation)
  39. Pegasus
  40. Panthers (Animated adaptation)
  41. Parrots (animated adaptation)
  42. Pelicans (animated adaptation)
  43. Phoenix (animated adaptation)
  44. Raccoons (Animated adaptation)
  45. Rabbits (animated adaptation)
  46. Red Dwarves
  47. Rats
  48. Rhinoceros (animated adaptations)
  49. Sheeps (Animated adaptation)
  50. Satyrs (animated adaptation)
  51. Squirrels
  52. Stags and Deer (animated adaptation)
  53. Wolf
  54. Unicorn (animated adaptation)
  55. Winged Panther (animated adaptation)
  56. Winged Tiger (animated adaptation; One was seen as a stone prisoner of the White Witch; presumably freed by Aslan)
  57. Zebra (animated adaptation)