"You want to know about my master the Tarkaan Anradin. Well, he's bad. Not too bad to me, for a war-horse costs too much to be treated very badly. But you'd be better lying dead tonight than go to be a human slave in his house tomorrow."
Bree talking about Anradin [src]

Anradin was a Calormene Tarkaan, and the master of, what he did not know, the Narnian horse, Bree.

Character and Physical Appearance

Anradin was a rich Tarkaan and a shrewd businessman, but was very hard and cruel, especially to his slaves.

Like many Calormenes, he looked down on the poor.

Anradin, like all Calormenes, had dark colouring. Not much else is known about his appearance except that his beard was dyed crimson.



Anradin, Bree, Arsheesh and Shasta.

"And now, O my host, I have a mind to buy that boy of yours."
Anradin [src]

On his way north to Tashbaan to visit the Tisroc's court, Anradin demanded hospitality from a poor fisherman named Arsheesh.

After dinner, the Tarkaan bargained with Arsheesh to buy Shasta, the fisherman's servant-boy, whom he had rescued as a baby from a boat that the tide had carried to the shore near his house.

That night, Shasta escaped with Anradin's horse, Bree, and began his journey to Narnia.

Anradin presumably bought or commandeered another horse and continued toward Tashbaan, as he later fought in Rabadash's army at the Battle of Anvard, in which he was killed.