Alberta Scrubb was the wife of Harold Scrubb, and mother to Eustace Scrubb. There's no mention how the Scrubbs are related to the Pevensie parents, so she may be the sister of Helen Pevensie or Mr. Pevensie.

Alberta and Harold Scrubb were very progressive people. They were non-smokers, teetotalers (non-alcoholics), vegetarians, pacifists, republicans, and wore a special kind of underwear. In their house they had very little furniture, very few clothes on beds, and the windows were always left open.

In 1933 they had a son, Eustace Clarence Scrubb, whom they raised to be as progressive as they were, and who they both referred to as Eustace Clarence. The family made their home in Cambridge.

Alberta appeared to have been the true head of the family, rather than Harold.

In 1942, Alberta and Harold took in their nephew and niece, Edmund and Lucy Pevensie, whilst the children's parents and their sister Susan were abroad in America, and Peter was studying for his exams.

Alberta is known to dislike all the Pevensie children. Both she and her husband were easily swayed by their son, and often believed the lies he said about his cousins, which got them into trouble. She preferred being called by her first name by Eustace, instead of mother.

When Eustace began to behave as his cousins did, and become a kinder and much better boy in the eyes of most, Alberta did not like the change. In fact, she referred to him as becoming very commonplace and tiresome, and that it must have been because of Edmund and Lucy's influence.

In 1949, Alberta and Harold suffered the loss of their only son in a train accident. He was then 16.

In Film

  • In the 1989 BBC miniseries, Alberta is referenced (though not by name) when Lucy says that she and Edmund have to stay with "our aunt and our horrible cousin Eustace". The fact that Lucy refers to Alberta and not Harold may indicate that the Pevensies are related on her side of the family; however, it is not clear.
  • In the 2010 Walden film The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Edmund Pevensie steals Alberta's name in an attempt to enlist in the army. He claims the name is a typographical error; "It's supposed to be Albert A. Scrubb."
  • Alberta herself does not appear in the film, though she is heard calling her son Eustace's name.
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