Albatross are large sea birds that inhabit both the worlds of Earth and Narnia.


It is unknown whether Aslan gave speech to any albatross, but, as far as anyone knows, all the albatrosses on Narnia were simple dumb birds.

There are 22 known species of Albatross, though there is some disagreement over that number, so it is unknown which species inhabited Narnia, but Albatrosses are among the largest of flying birds. The genus great albatrosses have the longest wingspans of any extant birds, which reach up to 12 feet.

Albatrosses are highly efficient in the air, using dynamic soaring and slope soaring to cover great distances with little exertion. They feed on squid, fish and krill by either scavenging, surface seizing or diving. Albatrosses are colonial, nesting for the most part on remote oceanic islands, often with several species nesting together.

Aslan as an Albatross

"Aslan, Aslan, if ever you loved us at all, send us help now."
Courage, dear heart.'"
―Lucy and Aslan, in the Dark Island[src]

Aslan took the form of an albatross to guide Caspian X and the crew of the Dawn Treader out of the Dark Island in 2306 NY, in response to Lucy Pevensie's call for help.



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