"Look well upon them. Their meeting is fortunate and means some great good for the sad realm of Narnia. Tarva, the Lord of Victory, solutes Alambil, the Lady of Peace. They are just coming to their nearest."
Doctor Cornelius, describing the conjunction of Tarva and Alambil in 2303 NY[src]

Alambil, called by Narnians the Lady of Peace, was a planet visible in the Narnian sky. During 2303, she passed within one degree of Tarva, called the Lord of Victory. This conjunction also occurred approximately two hundred years earlier.

The Prophecy

"The time is ripe [for war]. I watch the skies, for it is mine to watch, as it is yours to remember. Tarva and Alambil have met in the halls of high heaven...The hour has struck."
Glenstorm the Centaur[src]

The meeting of Tarva and Alambil, Victory and Peace, in the sky foretold the victory of the Old Narnians during the Narnian Revolution and the peace that followed the war.

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