The Narnian Age of Exploration
Time Period: Age of Exploration (Narnian-years 2303—2356)
Preceded by: The Telmarine Age (1998—2303)
Followed by: The Later Ages (2356—2555)

The Age of Exploration was a time period of Narnia's history, that went on for 53 Narnian years, from the year 2303 to 2356, that encompassed the entire length reign of King Caspian X.

This age began in 2303, at the end of the Narnian Revolution with Caspian X's coronation and the end of the Telmarine Age. Cair Paravel began to be rebuilt, and the Castle of Caspian resumed to be Narnia's capital, until Cair Paravel had met its completion. When it was complete, the Castle of Caspian was used as an inter-special meeting facility. During this era, Caspian's first quest was to start over Narnia's relationship with Archenland by having a meeting with King Nain of the castle Anvard. Next he, along with a small army of his followers. traveled to Telmar to negotiate with the Telmarine government to ally itself with Narnia and Archenland, since after all he was a direct descendant of Caspian the Conqueror. In 2304, he led an army against the Ettins of Ettinsmoor, and made the east side of the nation a part of the Narnian Empire for the first time since it had claimed independence in the Dark Age. Since he had ceased Telmar's alliance with Calormen, Calormen attempted to invade the nations, but was defeated by the combined army in the Great Desert. His greatest expedition occurred in the years 2306 to 2307, where he left Narnia to explore the waters aboard the Dawn Treader. During this journey, Caspian also discovered many islands and the Merepeople Nation, and either added or re-introduced them to the empire. He also discovered and named the Last Sea, Silver Sea, and the End of the World.

In the year 2310, Caspian married the daughter of Ramandu. In the year 2325 their son Rilian was born. In the year 2345, the Queen was killed by a serpent and Rilian disappeared to find and destroy it, who was later taken and imprisoned for ten years in Underland by the serpent. For the rest of his life, Caspian was depressed at the loss of both his wife and son, until he sailed away in the year 2356 to meet Aslan on the Seven Isles' capital of Redhaven. Shortly after, however, Rilian returned to Narnia to take the throne. The age ended at the death of Caspian X and Rilian's coronation, in the year 2356, thus beginning the Later Ages.