According to the Narnian timeline written by C. S. Lewis, the following events occurred in the year 2356:


  • Caspian X sails for Terebinthia to look for Aslan.
  • Eustace Scrubb visits Narnia for his second time, and Jill Pole for her first.
  • Aslan sent Eustace and Jill to find Rilian and gave them four signs to follow.
  • The Black Knight and Lady of the Green Kirtle made sudden trips to Narnia to make plans to overthrow Caspian X.
  • Rilian destroyed the Silver Chair by means of which he had been bewitched.
  • Rilian killed the Lady of the Green Kirtle.
  • The Earthmen were de-enchanted and returned to Bism.
  • Rilian returned to Narnia.
  • Caspian X, prompted by Aslan, returned from his journey, was reunited with his son, and then died.
  • Rilian became King of Narnia.
  • The Age of Exploration ended, and the Later Ages began.
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