"Cruels and Hags and Incubuses, Wraiths, Horrors, Efreets, Sprites, Orknies, Wooses, and Ettins. In fact here were all those who were on the witch's side and whom the Wolf had summoned at her command."

Incubuses were loyal followers of the White Witch during the Age of Winter, who answered to her summons when she called all her most faithful followers to serve her in her army.

The Incubi were also present at the sacrifice of Aslan, at the Stone Table, where they gathered with all the other dark creatures to watch Aslan die. They were also present at the First Battle of Beruna, where most, if not all, of them were killed.


In ancient folklore, Incubi were lusty male demons who caused nightmares, and assumed the form of handsome men to seduce women in their sleep. They also give their prey terrible nightmares for years to come.

They are described to show the appearance of man or woman, and the appearance of a bat (they are mostly half-human, half-bat). Similar to vampires, Incubi enjoy to prey at night, instead of the day. They get blinded from the sun easily, and sleep during the day.


  • It was possible that these creatures were going to be seen in the 2005 adaption film, but they were replaced with the Harpies instead.
  • Female Incubuses are called Succubi.

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