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„Wenn unser Freund nicht aufhört, solche Sprüche zu klopfen, dann mach ich aus seinem Fell eine Mütze.“
— Peter Pevensie zu Lucy.
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Peter Pevensie, während seiner Zeit als König von Narnia, auch als Hochkönig Peter der Prächtige bezeichnet, wurde in England geboren. Er gelangte zwei Mal nach Narnia, beim ersten Mal vertrieben er und seine Geschwister die weiße Hexe, beim zweiten Mal halfen die Pevensie-Geschwister dem Telmarer Prinz Kaspian X., die Unterdrückung der Narnianen zu beenden. Nach diesem Abenteuer verkündete Aslan, dass Peter und Susan nie nach Narnia zurückkehren würden, da sie nun erwachsen sind.


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Early yearsBearbeiten

Peter was born in England in 1925 and grew up in London. When his father moved into the 2nd World War, he took over a father role, since he was the eldest of the four siblings.

In 1940, when Peter was fifteen, London was attacked by German bombers. Peter and his brother Edmund took the girls out of their rooms and took them to a bunker. [1] Edmund, however, ran back to get a picture of his father. Peter ran after him and brought him back to the cellar. The next day brought Helen the children to the station and sent them to the house of a professor . After the train ride, Mrs. Macready's four children were picked up and taken by carriage from the bus stop to the house. [2]Once in the house, the children went to their rooms to talk about the area and the house. The next day it rained, so the children explored the house. Among other things, they found a painting hall and a room with a closet. Peter, Susan and Edmund left the room, only Lucy stayed behind. However, she came out a few seconds later. Hours had passed for Lucy, but when she said that she had met a faun in another country, nobody believed her. [3] For Peter it was done because he believed Lucy would become important. However, he had several times crush his brother together, as this annoyed Lucy. [2] After the event was quiet for a few days. Then the children played hide and seek. Peter searched and found both Lucy and Edmund in the room with the closet. Lucy claimed she was in a land calledNarniaand Edmund saw it. Edmund, however, claimed that they had only played. Lucy was deeply shaken and ran out of the room crying. Peter drove Edmund sharply, so that also this ran away. [2] Peter and Susan were the two and they could finally find. However, they had to hide several times in front of the housekeeper, as these children did not like. [1]However, when the professor met the crying Lucy, he asked Peter and Susan to his room. He talked to Peter and Susan about Lucy. The two teenagers did not know that the professor of Narnia knew and accordingly assumed that Lucy was telling the truth, which confused her greatly. He explained logically why Lucy could be believed.

Peter in NarniaBearbeiten

Journey through a winter worldBearbeiten

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After the conversation, it was again avoided to talk about Lucy's alleged imagination. Then, however, Edmund accidentally destroyed a disc and several armor while playing baseball, so that the children had to flee from Mrs. Macready. They ran into the room with the closet and hid in the closet. After a short while they realized that they had landed in a forest. Peter apologized to Lucy for not believing her. She took no offense and started a snowball fight. After this was over, the children considered what they should do. [2]First, they took some coats, since they actually did not remove these from the closet. Then they explored the area. After a few minutes, Edmund gabbled and the others realized that he had already been to Narnia. Peter, who was now making every effort to support his sister, drove Edmund sharply and then moved on. Lucy was able to lead her to the cave of Mr. Tumnus , but the children realized that the cave had been devastated and Tumnus had been arrested. The children consulted on what to do. Peter, like Lucy, argued they should try the Faunto help. Susan objected, but eventually she and Lucy said they should follow a robin that had just arrived. They did that and finally met a beaver . [3] Peter held out a hand to lure him, but to his dismay, the beaver began to speak. He told her to follow him into his dam. The children responded to the request, as he was able to show the handkerchief of Lucy, which she had given Tumnus. [2] arrived at the dam, Mr. and made Mrs. Beaverfirst dinner. Peter followed the beaver to watch him fish. Then they went back to the dam and ate dinner together with the other children and Mrs. Beaver. After eating, the beaver started to tell the children of Narnia. So he said that the land had been cursed by the White Witch, and that's why it was always winter, but never Christmas. He also told of a prophecy according to which four human children would redeem the land. Peter repeatedly asserted that it had to be a mistake and they only wanted to help Mr. Tumnus. The beaver, however, said that they could only help by sitting at the stone table with Aslan , a lionand his army met. Suddenly they noticed that Edmund had disappeared. Terrified, they realized that Edmund wanted to betray her to the witch, since he had met her once before and she had enchanted him with Turkish honey . Therefore, they had to pack some things quickly and flee. [3] They fled through a tunnel and were greeted by the secret police verfolgt. Sie flohen auf einen Baum und ein Fuchs, welcher auf der Seite Aslans stand, leitete die Wölfe in die Irre. Dann begann die Wanderung. Sie wanderten über den gefrorenen See. Kurz bevor sie ihn überquert hatten, hörten sie einen Schlitten hinter sich. Sie vermuteten die Hexe, so dass sie los rannten. Peter ergriff Lucy und trug sie auf seinem Rücken. Sie flüchteten in eine kleine Höhle und der Biber versuchte festzustellen, wer gekommen war.

Suddenly he drove into the cave and announced the arrival of Santa Claus. He gave Peter a sword and a shield. Lucy got a dagger and an elixir , Susan a horn and a bow . Then Santa went on. [2] The arrival of Santa Claus showed the children that the spell of the witch more. [3] Then they had the Great Rivercross. This was not really a problem, as the river was frozen, but he also started to thaw. When the children crossed half the river, they met the secret police. Peter did not want to fight, so he brought the ice at the nearby waterfall

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to burst. As a result, the children were driven away on an ice floe. As Peter and Susan got out of the water, they noticed that Lucy was missing. However, this reappeared a few seconds later. In front of them no winter landscape lay, but a blooming, green forest. [2] now no longer had to rush because the witch came no more rapid progress in their sleigh. [3] Finally, they reached Aslan's camp.

Peter and the army of AslanBearbeiten

On the way through the camp to the tent of the lion, a large crowd gathered behind the children. [2] When they reached the tent of the lion, reluctant children, but eventually joined Peter first before and welcomed the lions. When Aslan asked about Edmund, Peter claimed that it was also up to him that the younger had betrayed the siblings. Immediately after this interview Aslan Peter showed the castle Feeneden from a distance. Suddenly, however, the horn of Susan sounded and Peter realized that he had to help her. He hurried to the direction from which the horn was sounded [3] , and saw several wolves. It burned the skirmish from the big riverwhich Peter, Lucy and Susan could win. [1] Then Peter was beaten by Aslan knighted. [3] Direct to Peter infiltrated the White Witch the camp. He released his brother and defeated the dwarf Ginarrbrik . Then they fought against two Cyclops and some Minotaurs and Minobaurs . They had to flee to two trees but were rescued by centaurs. [1]The next morning Peter had to endure some bad hours together with his siblings. The White Witch had come to kill Edmund for treason. Aslan negotiated with the witch and was able to save Edmund. Then they moved the camp to the ford of Beruna. [3] had in the night Peter, Edmund and Oraiushorrified to find that Aslan was dead because he sacrificed himself for Edmund. Now it was up to Peter to lead the army into the decisive battle. Although he felt overwhelmed, Peter could prepare the battle. The army awaited the witch in front of a rock formation. Peter himself led the attack. The rebels' wedge formation could make a small breach into the witch's overwhelming army, but soon enough Peter's army suffered heavy casualties, forcing Peter to retreat. His unicorn named ... was killed and Oraius rushed to help him. The centaur was petrified, but Peter escaped. However, he had to face the witch, but this had only half a staff, as Edmund had destroyed him. Nevertheless, Peter had no chance against the witch and was only saved by that Aslan suddenly appeared and killed the witch. The next day Peter was crowned with his siblings.[2]

The golden ageBearbeiten

Under the rule of the four children, the country flourished. Peter reigned as High King and they resided in the castle Feeneden. In 1014 Peter led the first campaign against the giants on the northern border of Narnia. After several years of glorious reign, the four kings went hunting for the White Hart. In this hunt, they discovered the street lamps they had forgotten over the years. They followed a light they had seen and suddenly found themselves in the empty room of the professor's house. They were the same age they had been the day they came to Narnia. [4]

Back in EnglandBearbeiten

After their reign in Narnia, the children returned to England. After a year in England, at the end of the summer holidays, the children traveled by train back to their schools. At the transfer station, where they had to split up, Peter fought with some other young people, of whom he felt wronged. Edmund rushed to help him, but eventually they were separated by a policeman. Then the boys settled down on a bench with their sisters. After a conversation about Narnia they were suddenly seized by a spell and the subway tunnel disappeared. [5]

Return to NarniaBearbeiten

Now the children were in a cave, which led to a beach. After spending some time in the water, they realized where they were, but they did not recognize Narnia again. [5] They explored the area and finally realized that they were on an island. After drinking at a stream, the children got hungry. They only had two packed lunches with Lucy and Susan leaving theirs at the train station. So everyone got half a loaf of bread, which made no one satisfied. [6] They then explored further the island and found some ruins. They wondered where they were, and Edmund realized that the ruins were the remains of Castle Feenedenwere. [5] In a remaining orchard they ate some apples. [6] draufhin the children studied the secret treasury of Feenenden. There Peter found the gift sword again. [5] In the evening, they did it in the courtyard cozy and even ate some apples. Then they fell asleep. [6]The next morning, they saw a boat with two people trying to throw a bound dwarf overboard. Susan could kill both humans with arrows, but the dwarf plunged into the water. Peter jumped into the sea in full clothes and was able to save the red dwarf. Thereupon the dwarf, who introduced himself as Trumpkin, told of Caspian X. and his task. He should bring the children to Aslan's healing, Before, however, Edmund challenged him to a duel, since the dwarf, before he knew he had kings before him, had been rude. Edmund won, but Lucy and Susan wanted to give the dwarf a second chance. Susan and Trumpkin made a target shooting, in which Susan could win. Then the children went in a boat on the coast and met there on a black bear. Lucy went to him and wanted to talk to him, but the bear turned out to be wild. Even before Susan had drawn the bow, Trumpkin killed him. Then they tried together to find Caspian. Peter led the group and wanted to lead them over the torrent. But he had dug deeper into the earth in the absence of the kings and seemed impassable. Suddenly, Lucy screamed and claimed that she had seen Aslan. Everyone else except Edmund did not juggle her. So the group set off for the ford of Beruna. Once there, they saw that Miraz had built a bridge there for his forces. They had no choice but to go back to where Lucy had seen Aslan. When Lucy was in exactly the right spot, the ground suddenly gave way and cleared a path that led down the ravine. On the other side, they set up their camp. The next morning, Lucy woke up believing she had heard a lion. Quietly, she moved away from the others. Suddenly someone shut her mouth shut: it was Peter. Because a few meters in front of them was a mini-duration. Peter drew his sword and walked quietly towards him. Suddenly someone jumped in and started. to fight against Peter. Lucy could not stand it in her hiding place anymore and shouted that they should stop. It turned out that Peter had fought Caspian. Caspian led her to his hideout at the Stone Table. Arrived there, Together they set up a plan against the Telmarer. Kaspian was in favor of barricading himself at Aslan's dinner, but Peter found it better to raid Miraz's castle in the night, which they did. Unfortunately, the plan went pretty wrong, as Caspian did not stick to the agreement and wanted revenge on Miraz. In short, they lostNarnianen because of Kaspian half their force. Caspian blamed himself for thinking Peter had enough time to retreat. Peter said that thanks to Kaspian, they did not even have time for it. Both were close to fighting each other. But Kaspian retired together with Nikabrik in the mountain. Nikarrbrik told Caspian that there was still hope to defeat Miraz. As he said that, two figures came out of a darkened corner toward Caspian. There were a werewolf and a Hagzissa, They drew a circle around Caspian and stuck the White Witch's staff in front of him in the ground. An ice wall appeared and the figure of the witch was recognizable. She said she only needed a drop of Adams blood, then she would be free. Fortunately, Peter, Edmund, Trumpkin and Lucy appeared in time to prevent it. Trumpkin had to kill Nikabrik, because otherwise he would have killed Lucy. Peter was about to be wrapped up by the witch when Edmund destroyed the ice wall from behind. The Telmarers set up camp near the Narnian hideout, but the Narnians needed more time. So Peter Miraz called for a duel.

While Peter was fighting, Lucy and Susan were looking for Aslan. As they were pursued by some Telmarers, Susan got off her horse and shot arrows at the Telmarers. When a horse rammed her, she fell and almost died unless Caspian had come to save her. While Lucy searched and found Aslan, Peter fought Miraz. He wounded Miraz on the leg and Miraz broke his shoulder. At a small break Edmund broke Peter's shoulder. When Peter won the fight and killed Miraz, he gave Kaspian the sword so that he could kill his hated uncle and murderer of his father. Caspian left Miraz alive, but one of the Telmar lords rammed one of Susan's arrows into Miraz's back and shouted that the Narnians were cheaters. There was a big battle, which the Narnians would probably have lost because of the catapults of the Telmarer, had not Aslan roared at the right moment and woken the trees. So the trees killed some Telmarers, but when a tree was killed by a catapult, the trees destroyed all the catapults. The Telmarers lured the Narnians to the Beruna Bridge, but Lucy appeared. She drew her dagger, then Aslan stepped beside her and roared loudly. Many Telmarer ran onto the bridge when suddenly a huge water man appeared and destroyed the bridge. One Lord was dead and the Narnians had won the battle. Caspian was crowned king of the Telmarers. Later, the Pevensies went back to England, but while Lucy and Edmund would one day come back, Susan and Peter left Narnia forever,

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